Back to reality, whatever that means?

Happy Fathers Day to you USA dads!

New discoveries are being made around the world and in Cambodia have they found the remains of a civilization that is estimated to be 1200 years old. Quoting:

”Bingo,” the Australian archaeologist said as he picked up and examined an ancient sandstone block.

”This is a collapsed temple that was part of a bustling civilization that existed 1200 years ago It looks like the looters were unaware it was here.”

Me and Maia went down to Klarälven (Clear River) 😉 and found a very old quartzite rock with gneiss elements in it (at least 3 million years old) and after a simple investigation we concluded that there must have been, a more or less developed civilization in Karlstad neighbourhood for at least 3,000 years! … It is strange what a stone can reveal …;)

The latest gossip from Tierp Arena. Elvira broke in the first elimination round; maybe the nerves were not under control? Come on, more focus on the races and less on Instagram and you will see change 😉 (Edit: she had a problem with the starter)

Lindberg brothers rushing forward! Jonnie Lindberg took out his brother in semifinal.
Jonnie Lindberg 5.498/429.25 def. Johan Lindberg 22.382/27.37. Ian King gives Peter Svennson a match! Ian has run a personal best with his first 5sec run 5.987/353.

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