Same procedure as ever…

The military is used against its own people again! Ukraine and its capital Kiev is the scene where we will see the most dangerous enemy of them all, their own population. This time we can expect a lot of gratuitous violence and harassment of our brothers and sisters of the east, but what don’t you do for democracy to fall into the wrong hands…. Long live the brutality!

Mandela is dead, it can’t have escaped anyone, but what most of you don’t know was that the ANC was a terrorist group stamped by Israel, the U.S. and most of the western European countries. If this would have happened today Sweden would be in big trouble, since we supported the ANC’s struggle for liberation with about 5 billion kronor. Sweden gave financial assistance to a terrorist organization! The ”Somali bank affair” would be just a drip in the ocean here! I wonder how much we have donated to Al-Qaeda?  Was that a different ballgame? Oh well…. But it’s no secret that Sweden was a ”state of liberty” for the so called

”Terrorists groups of the past”, the IRA, the PLO and ETA amongst other had plenty of people based in Sweden during this time. But even today, Sweden serves as a sanctuary for various political organizations. The Free Aceh movements had one of their bases in Alby, a suburb just outside of Stockholm. The Tamil Tigers were also Acehrepresented in this promised country where it’s still legal to carry a political opposition. Against that background it’s understandable why Carl Bildt (foreign minister) doesn’t want to apologize for the “Conservatives” standing ”for” the Apartheid. Personally, I think Reinfeldt’s (our head of the state) trip down to the funeral ceremony is a ridicule against the ANC.

Hallelujah and fourteen Ave Maria later and they’ve done their penance.

Don´t  forget that the only way out of the economic crises is growth and increased consumption! 14 days left until Christmas Eve, but don’t despise the midwinter, that’s when it all turns…
Last covenants

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