The Wolf pack

Greetings my national and international followers, here is Another boiled down story from the upper lowlands of Värmland. The wolf hunt in Sweden was cancelled today and plenty of angry hunters and peasants called in this morning more angry and dissapointed than ever before and you should have heard their frustration as their ”trigger finger” was locked in by bureaucrats today. The hunt have been a discussion for ages here, and since 95´ we happily share the issue with the rest of the numbskulls in the European parliament.



There are two sides when it comes to wolves here in Sweden, against or for. Most of the ”Aye” sayers lives in cities and the ”Nay” sayers in areas with wolves, bear, Lynx, and/or Wolverines just around the corner. I would Think that most of the Värmland populations are against big wolf packs and a stable and healthy gene pool and want to see a more progressive agenda for a happier wolf. A dead one. They are so against wolves that they are ready to remove the wolf as a symbol for the landscape of Värmland. And I´ve been told that the fanclub of ”Färjestad hockey” (they are called ”The wolf pack”) is prepared to change their logotype ”A howling wolf” in to a sparkling little Chiwawa instead, if it would help the stooges in Brusells. That’s how popular the wolves are here in Värmland, but the hunters here love the Boar, to me a Cockroach is more attractive as food and/or a hunting object,…

Last Covenants.


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