To Bee or not to bee,.. English version

In Sweden, there has been, according to plenty of internet sites, about 300 different bee species of which 40 of them are Bumblebees. Some 10 of the bee species has not been seen in the 21th century,  so they are now considered to be extinct, some 80 species are endangered and at a risk of dying out, ..

Bees, there are those who say that if the bees did not exist, we mammals would not survive .. They are considered essential for the pollination of flowers, .. There are also those who say that if all the birds died, the flies would take over the planet in a few hours, the propagation rate of flies are slightly higher than for “Gotland rabbits”,.. (Gotland is a godforsaken Limestone island  in backwater of  the Baltic sea) But there is no scientific research that says if mankind are to become extinct, the ecosystem will collapse on earth, … I Wonder why?

We the humans have invented both ”nuclear weapon” and ”Roundup ready” seeds (Genetically Modified) so we must be highly essential for survival of all the species, right? I think it was Mother earth who gave Archimedes his famous words – Do not disturb my circles.. But humanity could not care the less!

How disgusting, poisonous or thorny they might be, we do need the insects for our survival. It is as if we are connected in some way, just look at the expression ”birds and the bees.” Though, maybe not humanity. I have a theory that we do not fit in properly in the original model or blueprint of the Earth,…

– Why is not the answer 42? As Arthur Dent would have said .. What was it that went wrong?

Some would certainly say that we came here with UFOs / Gods / Aliens and not with the comets that so many scientists now suggest,.. (Intergalactic seeding) But for the bees’ sake, it does not matter who dragged us here, they are dying anyway. The thing that kills the bee is mites / parasites and viruses, but they are so-called natural enemies. What is more freighting and scary is that the multicultural landscape is dying out and that many bee species are specialized in only one or a few flowers. But in the modern agricultural landscape the multi-flowers are in a shortage. The fields are sprayed hard, the weeds die, grassland replanted with trees, field islets and ditches are removed. The USA has the solution for the problem, they drive around the bees to different places for pollination and the hives are transported across the continent, depending on where it blooms. Sick is the word,..!

Fruit growers estimate that between 60-80% of the revenue are the bee’s earnings. In the agriculture the estimated numbers are $ 200 billion a year,.. 130000 Swedish beehives provide approximately $12 million annually, but the honey is just a by-product of what the bees are bringing to the society. The flowers are mating and our hungry birds do not have to starve, all thanks to the bees … So go out and so different type of flowers so the bees and bumblebees can go on with the mighty work to take care of our Mother Earth.

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