Buzzing around…

All the buzzing goes around…The days goes by in a fast pace, the last about Snowden. The EU has been one of the targets for the NSA, the Germans and French are screaming out loud – We demand an answer! We will consider to stop the free trade agreement,.. Blah, blah, blah! My guess is that the EU’s security service has already taken part of the information, in good conscience, .. Ha! – Mark my words! as the English would have said .. I’ve said it before, the greatest threat to the state comes from the states own secret services…
Time to check out the neighbour, they will write about everything on Facebook, .. Hum, what the heck?  Nothing funny going on there. Oh well I cannot spy on them to often, they might call SÄPO… So the lack of info that SÄPO misses, they will find on Facebook.
There was someone who wrote: ”Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws. Authorities are rarely anything other than bad news…

Now I sounds  bitter again, it could be due to Torticollis (stiff neck) making a bad day even worse.. But how is that chant: Head, shoulders, knees and toes …? (in Swedish, I don´t know if you got it in English)

Head: Migraine headaches, stiff neck, the last few days.

Shoulders: Well, pain radiates down the left arm.

Knee: The pain radiating down to it, in the left leg.

Toe: Now you wonder huh? well,, Gout! Have you had it? My pain is dropping off now, but it´s probably the worst pain you ever can imagine! Inflamed toe joint, toe filled full of fluid looks like it’s about to burst, the smallest wind outside make it hurt like hell!. And it is no exaggeration…!

Enough about me, there are other wretches in the world you can feel sorry for.



Obama! The rumours of his counterfeit birth certificate picks up again. According to Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, there are some doubts in the document that proves Obama’s  birth certificate, apparently it will be that they (NSA?) did like our old good friend Sigvard Marjasin, the man who used the ”cut and paste” long before Microsoft’s ”Word” had made it into people’s common knowledge… So, if the reports are true then it is a distorted birth certificate that shows who he is .. Yes he’ll surely not be the only or first  ”American” with a forged paper,..

Now for the good news, the bees have found my Poppies  … Too bad it´s full storm outside, ..

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