The head of the state is leading the way,..

The Head of State is leading the way,..

Gooood morning, from the city of the west, the hometown to the waitress Sunshine. Sin’s nest of the west,.. At least until Sandgrund was shut down. I Wonder how much of the population growth in Karlstad depended directly or indirectly on the Dance Palace Sandgrund ….

Well, tonight things got ugly! Swedish Boxing community had another stroke, or at least our Swedish female boxer Frida had a major stroke to night, question is asked, I wonder if she had Cerebral haemorrhage before she got knocked down, it could be that she got a little bleeding that affected her garde. Two fast punches to top that up probably did not make things better…

Student celebrations in Karlstad was calm said police, no emotionally disturbed police tonight then, ..  That’s good!

The Swedish royal family confirm its reputation as one of Europe’s poorest welfare recipients, … It is a good thing that you taxpayers stand up for them, how would it be if journalists checked the facts first! Stop harassing the royalists, ….

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